Prices of Lounge Chairs in Cannes in 2024

In Low Season

During the low season, the average price for a day’s rental of a lounge chair ranges from €25 to over €70. This price varies depending on the location of the beach, its prestige, as well as the services and amenities offered.

In High Season

In high season, the average price for a day’s rental of a lounge chair ranges from €45 and can go up to over €250. Again, this price depends on factors such as the beach’s location, its prestige, as well as the services and amenities provided.

These prices reflect the demand and exclusivity associated with Cannes, particularly during peak tourist seasons. Additionally, the variation in prices highlights the diverse options available to visitors, from more affordable lounging options to premium experiences at higher-end establishments.

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The Beaches of La Croisette and Le Midi: A Panorama

La Croisette Beaches

The beaches of La Croisette are something of a must-visit for lovers of sea and sun, but with a touch of sophistication. Here, each establishment, like our own CBeach, offers a unique experience where you can lounge in the sun on comfortable sunbeds, feet in the fine sand, all while enjoying impeccable service facing the bay of Cannes. The view of the azure sea and luxurious yachts adds to this exclusive atmosphere. It’s undoubtedly the spot for those seeking to combine relaxation with prestige.

Les plages du Midi Beaches (Boulevard Louise Moreau)

A bit further along, the scenery changes slightly on the beaches of Le Midi, located along Boulevard Louise Moreau. Less frequented by celebrities, these beaches offer a more family-friendly and authentic setting. The price difference compared to La Croisette is notable, making these beaches attractive to those who want to enjoy Cannes without blowing their budget.

The Impact of Seasons on Prices

In Cannes, the price thermometer for lounge chairs closely follows that of temperatures. As you can imagine, the high season, which extends from June to August, sees prices reach their peak due to high demand. It’s the time when Cannes pulses to the rhythm of festivals and international events, attracting a cosmopolitan crowd. If your heart is set on this period, expect prices adjusted to the unforgettable experience you’re about to have.

On the other hand, the low season, from October to April, offers softer prices, like a gentle breeze over the Mediterranean. It’s the ideal time for those seeking tranquility, away from the summer hustle and bustle. Prices can be considerably lower, thus offering excellent value for money.

(Tip from the Beach Team) If you’re a local, consider experiencing the beach during the months of April and October. You’ll enjoy pleasant temperatures and more advantageous prices. It’s the perfect compromise between the excitement of summer and the serenity of the shoulder seasons.

Service and Lounger Position: A Key Factor in Pricing

When choosing a lounge chair in Cannes, price is one thing, but don’t forget to consider the services offered. After all, what’s better than enjoying a refreshing drink without leaving your chair, or knowing that your personal belongings are safe while you take a dip, and even better, knowing that swimming is supervised? These little extras can truly make all the difference.

Beaches offering enhanced security, quality dining service, or ultra-comfortable loungers often justify a higher price. But believe us, paying a bit more for these conveniences can transform a simple day at the beach into a memorable experience.

Also, be aware that the front row of lounge chairs, those offering a breathtaking view directly over the sea, may come with a higher price tag than subsequent rows, reflecting the added value of this exclusive proximity to the azure waters. But it can go even higher; if the beach is equipped with a pontoon, be prepared for prices to reach new heights, as this coveted feature significantly increases its appeal.

Prices of Lounge Chairs at CBeach Cannes

With our ideal location (the 5th beach starting from the Palais des Festivals), our CBeach stands out for its ambiance and services. It’s not just a beach; it’s a complete experience. With our cozy loungers set on fine sand, we offer an idyllic setting for those seeking relaxation by the sea, with that little extra touch.

The services here go far beyond mere comfort. We’re talking about quality dining, flawless security, and staff attentive to your every need. This level of service justifies a slightly higher price compared to other options, but believe me, the experience is worth the investment.

(Tip): If you compare prices, you’ll notice that CBeach’s prices are competitive, especially when considering all that’s included. For those who value comfort, tranquility, and impeccable service, CBeach stands out as the obvious choice. Indulge in this oasis of peace and luxury, where every detail is designed for your well-being.