What to Do in Cannes as a Couple?

There are plenty of activities for couples to enjoy in Cannes. Spend the day at the private beach CBeach on the Croisette, go shopping on Rue d’Antibes, have a drink at Le Suquet, or take a boat trip to the Lérins Islands. It all depends on your preferences!


When one thinks of Cannes, images of glamour, famous films, and golden beaches immediately come to mind. But beyond its international festival and Hollywood glamour, Cannes proves to be a true haven for couples seeking a romantic getaway.

In our view, Cannes embodies a deeply romantic side, offering an experience that is both luxurious and intimate, perfectly suited to all types of couples. In this article, we’ll suggest some activities based on your couple profile.

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The Adventurers

For couples unafraid of diving into adventure, Cannes has plenty of surprises beyond its glitz and glamour. If you’re the kind to seek excitement and exploration, why not set sail for the Lérins Islands?

These little gems of the Mediterranean are a must for any adventurous couple. You can easily sail there from Cannes and discover a peaceful world far from the hustle and bustle. Between Sainte-Marguerite Island and Saint-Honorat Island, you’ll find something to delight you, whether it’s a historical stroll or a wine tasting from the monks’ vineyards.

Just a tip: take your time to admire Cannes from the islands; it’s breathtaking. The islands offer ample opportunities for walking and discovery all day long, just in time to catch the after-beach vibe at CBeach!

The Romantics

A stroll through old Cannes promises a plunge into a timeless atmosphere. Its picturesque streets, lined with artisan shops and colorful facades, invite reverie. We suggest stopping by a café in the old town in the early morning to savor a tea or coffee, escaping the frenetic pace of daily life.

And then, for an added touch of absolute relaxation, spend a day lounging on our private beach, CBeach. There, amidst sunbathing sessions, you can enjoy a cocktail facing the sea, a suspended moment where time seems to slow down. At noon, you’ll only be a few meters away from your table for lunch, where our chef will offer you a menu bursting with Mediterranean flavors.

After such a day, you’ll leave even more in love than when you arrived.

The Epicureans

For the epicureans, those for whom travel also, and especially, revolves around the taste buds! Cannes, with its refined blend of Mediterranean flavors and international influences, is a true paradise for you. If you’re eager to experience all the flavors of the Mediterranean, a visit to the Forville Market will introduce you to local producers, from sun-drenched vegetable sellers to fresh cheese vendors, from Socca vendors to fishmongers who supply the daily catch that we offer on the menu of our restaurant.

The Intellectuals

For couples who nurture their love through cultural escapades, the city is brimming with treasures for curious minds eager to explore history, art, and cinema. We highly recommend starting with the museums of Cannes. The Museum of Explorations of the World (formerly known as the Museum of Castre), for example, proudly stands atop the heights of the old town, offering not only an eclectic collection of artworks and antiquities but also breathtaking views of the city and the sea. It’s a place steeped in history, where each piece tells a part of the cultural puzzle of the region.

Next, for film enthusiasts, Cannes is, of course, synonymous with the festival. But beyond this global event, the city celebrates the seventh art throughout the year with the Cannes Murals. These murals, scattered throughout the city, pay tribute to cinema icons and iconic scenes, transforming the streets into veritable open-air art galleries. It’s an original way to revisit the history of cinema while strolling hand in hand through the alleyways of Cannes.

Luxury Enthusiasts

For those who associate love with the sparkle of luxury, Cannes is undoubtedly the ideal playground. Start with a getaway to Rue d’Antibes, a true paradise for luxury shopping enthusiasts. There, amid the sparkling shop windows and prestigious brands, you’ll find everything you desire, whether it’s a symbolic piece of jewelry or a dazzling evening outfit. It’s the perfect place to pamper your loved one with a memorable gift.

Next, you can’t miss the famous steps of the Palais des Festivals. Even outside of the festival period, this place remains full of magic and history, where you can walk in the footsteps of the biggest stars of cinema and search for your favorite actor among the handprints on the ground.